Meet the Stars

Super Nova

5 year old cattle dog who has been featured on many different media outlets such Good morning America, Pix 11, and was a finalist on Worlds most amazing dog with celebrity judge george Lopez. Nova is a 2x world qualifying frisbee dog. when she isnt performing she is a medical alert service dog got her owner.

Extreme Envy

4 year old border collie. Envys favorite thing is to show off her amazing high jumping skills. Envys current highest Jump is 60". she also loves to play frisbee and dance with her owner.


2 year old border collie x papilion. Viggo doesn't let his tiny 8lbs sftp him from being one of the biggest stars of the show. He lives to wow the audiences with his flips and balancing acts.


1 year old border collie. Nitro is one of our upcoming stars. His fav thing is to dance and play frisbee wth his owner. He is def living up to his name!


8 month old border collie x whippet x staffy. Encore is in training as Envys high jumping prodigy. Her fav thing is to play tricks with her mom and have zoomies in the yard.

Amazing Grace

5 year old shihtzu. Her fav thing is to meet all the fans after the show. Gracie is a fav among the crowd as she performs tricks with her mom for the audience.

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Meet Felicia

Felicia Foy has always been an avid dog lover. Having come from a not so great childhood she always felt she could connect in a special way with dogs. She started training some of her friends dogs at the age of 13, and when most other kids were reading fairytales Felicia was reading and studying about dog behavior and psychology.

Felicia now trains dogs to do some of the most complex and challenging behaviors out there. From walking handstands and backflips to Service Dog work and more. Some of her dogs have been featured on Good Morning America, Pix 11, and Worlds Most Amazing Dog staring George Lopez.